Digitization and the acceleration of digital exchanges

This raises big issues regarding cybersecurity and traceability in the field of time synchronization.

The SCPTime® user needs a secure global synchronization service:

  • Monitoring their whole synchronization system
  • Tracing their synchronization date
  • Synchronizing their network to legal time
  • Timestamping their data
  • Embedding a secure synchronization
  • Using a certified installation


The team that drives the SCPTime® prototype installed at SNCF

The user of the SCPTime® signal synchronizes their equipment under very high security conditions to a virtual or physical BiaTime® box

This synchronization can be carried out directly with the physical BiaTime® or via an SCPT agent implemented on the user's equipment. This connection is made possible once the hardware has been allowed to synchronize. To authorize it, the user subscribes to the SCPTime® synchronization.

In the transport sector, SNCF - The French Railway - already uses its SCPTime® demonstrator to synchronize its private network.

In the Industrial sector, Schneider Electric integrates an SCPT agent for the synchronization of its machine automation and the timestamping of the collected data.

In the field of security, the Green Datacenter of Eolas Business & Decision has set up an SCPTime® synchronization system.

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