Broadcaster business model

The business of time synchronization is changing with the requirements of global digitization and the acceleration of exchanges. SCPTime® offers a secure and certified time synchronization service.

In the frame of SCPTime® business model in France, the broadcaster is the time operator in charge of commercializing the synchronization service to end-users.

The SCPTime® synchronization service includes:

  • The access to the reference time through a subscription. This reference time is the legal source of the country concerned.
  • The physical BiaTime® box rental to the end user. They synchronize their equipment directly on their BiaTime® boxes.

SCPTime France

The first broadcaster of the SCPTime® technology is the entity SCPTime France

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SCPTime® diffuser certification

The broadcaster is SCPTime® approved and maintains close relations through a framework-contract with the SCPTime® entity. SCPTime® is the guarantor of the infrastructure required for the distribution of time - from the production of the legal time inside the observatories to the BiaTime® box that broadcasts this legal time to the end user.

SCPTime® provides the infrastructures needed to deliver the legal time to virtual or physical BiaTime® boxes. SCPTime® ensures full traceability of the legal source to the end user via the broadcaster.

The broadcaster masters SCPTime® technology, is in a position to issue certificates, and to approve the installers to install the SCPTime® equipment by the end user.

According to its contract with the broadcaster, the installer may also act as a business finder and service provider.

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