The evolution of time synchronization

SCPTime®'s ambition is to produce and disseminate all over the world a precise, certified, traceable and highly secure universal time, in particular via computer communication networks.

SCPTime® makes it possible to combine security and high precision in the dissemination of legal time on servers secured to prevent interferences and cyber-attacks. This concept becomes essential in the digital economy and in the internet of things.

SPCT, secure, certified, precise, traceable

Time in a digital world

In a digital world, time plays a crucial role in cybersecurity and regulatory environments. Proof of the correct source and its effective use in synchronization have become essential.

European and French regulatory trends are to gradually be expanded to all industries. This implies providing proof that synchronization has effectively been done, at the right reference time (UTC-based legal time) according to the required accuracy, which depends on user applications (from an accuracy of a second to a nanosecond). The time path must be traceable, from the production source to the destination, with an acknowledgement that it has been received.

SCPTime® is aimed at all sector using IT resources

It can be calibrated according to the real expectations of the various time uses, that can range from that of a state solicitor (certified second) to those in high-frequency trading (certified microsecond). The SCPTime® broadcasting level considers the increasing constraints laid by regulation and professional practices and is adapted to any community of interest.

Faced with the exponential growth of data needing to be processed, particularly due to the development of connected objects, a complete and very precise dating is needed. The restoration of transactions over time is now vital. Through its BIG DATA system, SCPTime® can restore the time pattern of profession-specific transactions for a chosen period.

SCPTime® offers a total traceability of time and the related security to provide an accurate and certified time.

SCPTime® is available in a closed network version: reference time is provided by an innovative industrial quantum atomic clock that is calibrated via a multi-satellite application.

SCPTime® stands out because it is so easy to use.

International Time UTC, production, distribution, broadcasting, acquisition

SCPTime® guarantee

SCPTime® ensures time security and traceability through a certificate (audited by an accredited body) complying with the European official documentation.
The storage in SCPTime®'s Big Data makes legal responses easier and can be used as evidence. SCPTime® is the first device in the world that brings a complete response to the time challenge of the digital era. It is available for various applications (companies, governmental and non-governmental bodies) from 2018.

The SCPTime® collaborative project aims at bringing ultra-accurate time out of national observatories and metrology labs, to industrialize and broadcast it with a high level of security and traceability, over long distances, to final users.
The ultimate goal is to serve the digital economy with complete confidence.

Today, the SCPTime® concept is a system that traces the time message, from the UTC time source to the final user.
It is the only system in the world that 100% guarantees the time signal continuity in bidirectional mode:

  • Proving the UTC origin of the UTC reference time.
  • Certifying the synchronization operations.
  • Providing a full traceability of the time message path over long distances.
  • Informing the final user in case of momentary interruption, insufficient performance or synchronization malfunction.
  • Switching to an internal atomic micro-clock in case of synchronization malfunction.
  • Providing a certified precision, ranging from the subsecond to a few nanoseconds according to applications.
  • Copying the same cybersecurity concept in each country.
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