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"Embrace innovation"


Our core activity is ordered around the link between development strategy and innovation that are two faces of the same medal for Tyleos: the medal of competitiveness in the current world.

Our implication lays on our know-how, from ideas detection and qualification until effective market launch, through an approach that aims at transforming an idea into a product strategy, to develop it in project mode (to reach quickly and efficiently the objectives while restricting the weight of change management).


Tyleos mainly operates within the following areas:

- Development strategy with an unconventional approach, focused on three priorities 1) the product, 2) the product – yes, the product twice–, and 3) the organization :

1 – The product as seen from inside the company (production, R&D, sales, marketing, communication, …). 
2 – The product as seen from outside the company (customers, providers, journalists, e-reputation…).
3 – The organization seen as the main lever to optimize different flows.

- Information systems, using “Tyleos concept” of information production, distribution and consumption, that is particularly fitting to the digital transformation.

- Great collaborative projects, thanks to Tyleos’ dynamic and anticipative project management approach, along with it collaborative effort.


Tyleos and SCPTime®

The collaborative project SCPTime® represents the emergence, the development and the innovation in terms of “techno-market”. The initial idea of Maurice Gorgy in 2012: “we must monitor GPS” has first, been perceived almost like an April fool’s day, and created more misunderstandings than support except in the experts small world.

A plausibility analysis has been conducted, to define a product strategy aimed at including efficiently time in the digital economy. Tyleos, which of course already was included in the discussions, has been in charge of managing the project from a technical and financial point of view. It also included the search of ad-hoc and high level partners (industries and universities).

Then Tyleos has been commissioned by the consortium to accompany the project stakeholders and so, has established its own project management and collaborative animation methods that help reach the collective objectives in the best possible conditions, and also one partner regarding its own objectives.

At this time, SCPTime® sharpens its product/market approach in the aim of a mature market. Already, it has been proved that the market demand is real and important. It is even growing stronger due to the European regulations on the digital economy practices. The Consortium is now ready on the market (the ultimate judge) and will now confirm and valorize the innovation given by the very relevant idea of Maurice Gorgy.


So now… it’s Market Time… and Tyleos is ready for primetime and the “Big Day”…

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