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Tronics Microsystems


Tronics Microsystems is a recognized technology leader in the field of added-value MEMS.
MEMS are microelectromechanical systems acting as sensors and/or actuators.

The company targets markets that grow rapidly thanks to the increasing miniaturization of electronic systems and provides tailored or serial products for various industries, such as aeronautics, security, medical and industry (network synchronization, for instance).

Tronics was founded in 1997 and is located in Crolles, near Grenoble (France) and in Dallas, Texas (USA). It employs around 100 people, mostly engineers and scientists.

Following a tender offer in January 2017, EPCOS AG, a TDK Group company, now holds a 74% interest in Tronics. Tronics is a division of TDK’s “Temperature & Pressure Sensors” Group.

On the Crolles site, Tronics has been developing technological bricks that are at the heart of the miniature atomic clock. Tronics has also implemented a technology enabling the production of atomic cesium vapor cells in its cleanroom.


MEMS techno

Thanks to the MEMS technology, a high level of miniaturization is possible so that all the elements required for their operation can be embedded in clocks.


Tronics’ contribution to SCPTime®

Within the SCPTime® project, Tronics designs and assembles on its back-end line complete physical modules that integrate the cell, as well as other elements required for the clocks’ operation.

To respond to network synchronization applications or to other applications in GPS-denied environments, Tronics plans to provide, in the medium term, a complete, tested physical module which guarantees for an entire day a stability to a microsecond, within a space of less than 0.06 in3 (1 cm3) and a consumption below 50 mW.

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