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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a worldwide European industrial group which produces and offers electricity management products, automatisms and suitable solutions to these fields.

The group was created in 1981 right after a change of field of Schneider and Co. created in 1836 (metalworking and steel industry).

Nowadays, SE has more than 160.000 employees and a 26.6 billion € turnover with 4.8% of it reinvested in R&D.


As for SCPTime®, Schneider Electric is interested in prototypes of the different research results on selected fields linked to industrials infrastructures, especially automats.

Schneider Electric interest in SCPTime® lies in tomorrow’s uses of things. Always spreader geographically, it has to offer systems that can communicate over wide distances. For instance, to equip industries from a country or a continent with a production monitoring system.


Jorge Alvarez

Innovation director of the industrial automative offers

Our customers need to timestamp information from their source with a synchronized clock - certified in traceability in the production chain.

Information feedback must be available and meet some special regulations to timestamp it from a certified and approved clock.



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