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Muquans is a high technology French SME created in 2011. Established in Talence, in Aquitaine, Muquans is specialized in very high performance instrumentation, and is the first company in the world to exploit on an industrial scale, the quantum physics related to laser atoms cooling. Muquans, designs, produces and sells several scientific instruments based on disruptive technologies:

- An absolute quantum gravimeter, capable of measuring gravity with a stability and relative exactitude close to 10-9 for the geophysics markets.

- A very high performance atomic clock, offering a long term stability and a relative exactitude in the range of 10-15 that will be for different applications in time/ frequency metrology and high performance synchronization.

Muclock proto

Muclock Prototype.

The company also offers an entire range of very high performance laser systems:

- Scientific lasers offering unique performances and functionalities in terms of spectral attributes control dedicated to different scientific applications.

- Different technological components for high performances frequency transfer network through optical fiber.


Muquans uses research led over 15 years by two laboratories of the CNRS (SYRTE and LP2N in the optical institute). This company was created by three people: Arnaud Landragin and Philippe Bouyer, research directors at the CNRS acting as scientific counsellors, and Bruno Desruelles, CEO of Muquans, who has extensive experience in the high technology industry. Muquans is active in more than 20 countries in the world and has several patents.


Contribution of Muquans to SCPTime®

Within the SCPTime® consortium, Muquans is an industrial producer.

Our atomic clock (Muclock) is a very high performance frequency reference which allows to create a time unit locally (a second) while guaranteeing a long term exactitude and stability to unique high performances on the market.

The Muclock clock represents a time reference dedicated to meet the most critical timestamping requirements. The Muclock provides a local time scale ensuring a secured, certified and traceable time.

This solution has been chosen by the consortium SCPTime® for the creation of the time transfer network primary clock.

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