Laboratoires scientifiques


The LNE, National Metrology Laboratory (Laboratoire National de métrologie et d’Essais) works on projects between science and industry. Created in 1901 as a test laboratory it has acquired expertise in fields related to security and quality of products (manufacturers, distributors, local authorities…) and in the research field especially in metrology.


The LNE is an EPIC (Public Organization with an industrial and commercial position) since 1978, under the control of the Ministry of the Industry. The LNE provides technical solutions to answer the needs of industrial manufacturers in order to ensure the compliance and quality of products on the market.

As a major actor in metrology, it plays a key role in the measurement quality in fundamental, industrial or legal metrology. The LNE also an important activity in the fields of tests, training and standardization. To conclude, the LNE has more than hundred years of experience in tests and metrology with more than 800 employees (50% of engineers and Professors). Based in different locations in France, the LNE also has subsidiaries abroad (USA and Hong Kong).


In 2005, the French Government gave the LNE the head of the National Metrology Network (RNMF). It is a distributed system of 10 metrology laboratories including the Time and Frequency one: the LNE-SYRTE. The LNE represents France in the European (EURAMET) and international (Convention du mètre) institutions.


Contribution of the LNE to SCPTime®


The LNE intervenes within the SCPTime® consortium in order to create a referential of certification on solutions that will be offered. A certificate guarantees a high level of conformity regarding a referential to be trusted.

The certification of the SCPTime® project is crucial because it guarantees the good functioning of the developed system: meeting the requirements of the final customers is certified by a third and independent organization.

The referential will not be “exclusive”, which means that any stakeholder meeting the requirements is entitled to aim for the SCPTime® certification.


The public certificate will include the general and technical requirements to ensure the user that the time delivered is:

- Exact: SCPTime® should give a precise time with a given uncertainty.

- Traceable: to be sure that the delivered time is linked to the UTC for timestamp applications.

- Secured and monitored: the referential will have to integrate requirements to prevent the system from being jammed or spoofed.


Several scenarios and certification levels are developed with, as a start, the delivering of a standard certificate: the device is tested and compared to the standard. Another certification level extends to the production process of the device to guarantee that each manufactured product meets the requirements of the referential.


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