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La SNCF - The Public Railway Group

Within the national railway transport system, the Public Railway Group (GPF) is composed, since January 1 2015, of 3 indivisible public organization:
- SNCF (control and strategic monitoring, economical coherence, industrial integration and social unity),
- SNCF Réseau (manager of the infrastructure of the national railway network),
- SNCF Mobilité (exploiting of the railway transport service).


SNCF Réseau

The ambition of SNCF Réseau is to reach a higher performance level and balance its finances before 2020. Its teams are spread throughout in France and work in concertation with the railway systems stakeholders. Common strategic objective: modernize the existing network in favor of daily train traffic.


SNCF Réseau missions

- Maintain, modernize and commercialize the access to the railway network for all railway companies, travelers and goods.
- Guarantee the security and the performance of lines of the French network.
- Daily, contribute to the quality, regularity and comfort of the French railway service.


To this end, the SNCF Réseau pilots 2 strategic plans

- A wide plan of modernization demanded by the French Government (more than 2.5 billion € and 1.000 work sites per year).

- The innovation and maintenance security program, Vigirail (deployment of new technologies for the network monitoring).


The network in few figures

- 30.000km of lines, including 2.000 for high speed trains (800km more to be commissioned before 2017).
- 15.000 trains and 5 million travelers per day in 2015.
- More than 6 billion € turnover and 52.000 employees.
- More than 5 billion € invested for the modernization of the railway network in France.


The SNCF network is composed of 4 branches

- Maintenance & work: operational security, maintenance and renewal of the infrastructure.
- Engineering & projects: development, engineering, layout and improvement of the network.
- Access to the network: access to the national closed network infrastructure.
- Traffic: operational traffic management.


Engineering and projects (I&P)
(main stakeholder of the SNCF for SCPTime®)

I&P takes part in the conception up to the providing of the railway infrastructure project.
It has a unique competence: its expertise in terms of system in­tegration makes it relevant to managing network development in maintenance and exploitation.


SCPTime® and SNCF Réseau

As a partner, the SNCF tests SCPTime® prototypes to ensure, confirm and certify time synchronization means in order to extend them on the whole French railway network. The challenge is to guarantee a synchronized time anywhere on the network for all connected devices such as points, encrypted telephony, and video-surveillance and events timestamping.

The SNCF uses a closed network and so, will have two quantum clocks as a source for all its applications. A regular calibration operation (every 2 years) will check its alignment on the UTC time. The memorization of all events in a Big Data system will allow for provision of an evidence report at any time.

This deployment for services such as electric traction, signing and SNCF network in general, is a real showcase of the contribution in cybersecurity for SCPTime®.

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