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Gorgy Timing

Gorgy Timing is a French family SME created in 1974 by Maurice Gorgy. It designs, manufactures and sells time distribution and synchronization solutions. With more than 40 years of experience we provide our customers with the best of our know-how and competences.

Our company is located in La Mure, near Grenoble. In a 3 500m² industrial building, Gorgy Timing covers all activities including R&D, Design, sales for France and export, production, finance and customer service. Its dedicated to SCPTime® R&D department is located in Europole near the train station in Grenoble and its technological ecosystem.

The values of our eponym brand are passed down from generation to generation. We implement all we can to build lasting and close relationships with our customers and partners to perpetuate their investments.

Since the company’s creation, innovation has been written in its DNA.



Nicolas Gorgy


For Gorgy Timing, what matters is not knowing what is going on, but rather looking further ahead and anticipating what could happen in its environment.


Its strong involvement in the French Time/Frequency industry network and technological ecosystem in Grenoble, brings an innovative dynamic within Gorgy Timing. It allows experience exchanges with University laboratories, engineering schools and big companies.

Thanks to its strong international presence since its creation, Gorgy Timing makes more than half its turnover abroad. Commercial and technical teams in the company speak 7 languages and our documentations are edited in French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Polish.

The company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Gorgy Timing products lean on several international patents and meet the requirements of international standards including the MIL STD (military standard) and the NATO code Fa2xo.

Gorgy Timing is a partner of the Time/Frequency LABEX FIRST.


Gorgy Timing leader of SCPTime®

Gorgy Timing was nominated as team leader of the innovative project SCPTime® in 2014, assigned by the French Prime Minister with the General commission of the “Investissement d’Avenir” (Investment for the future) and supported by Bpifrance (the French public investment fund). The ambition of this project is to distribute a highly secured and traceable UTC international legal time in the digital economy where precision is essential.

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