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Femto-st (Sciences and Technologies)

The FEMTO-ST Institute (Electronic, thermic and optical mechanical Franche-Comté) is a mixed research unit in association with the CNRS (UMR6174 CNRS-ENSMMUFC-UTBM). They federate all sciences of mechanic, optic, automatic, Time / Frequency, energetic and microsystems and nanoscience in a multidisciplinary approach. It is necessary for significant progress in the micro-technics fields.


Christophe Gorecki

Research Director at CNRS, Femto-ST

Today, FEMTO-ST has more than 10 years of common experience in the field of Cesium steam micro atomic clocks CPT and remains identified as the European leader. The combination of expertise and long collaboration of the two teams of FEMTO-ST is a strength for the SCPTime® consortium in the development of a cesium micro atomic clock.


Today the Institute employs around 750 people and is structured in 7 departments. FEMTO-ST has an important micro-technology platform (MIMENTO) with 865m² of clean rooms with high technological equipment for academic and industrial partners. These are part of the national network RENATCH of the big technological centers.

The Laboratory manages the LabeX ACTION ( on intelligent systems and is a partner of the LabeX FIRST-TF (http://, federating the French Time/ Frequency community and working on the miniature and compact atomic clocks.

FEMTO-ST also supports the EquipeX OCS-IMP which is a metrology platform for the characterization of the short-term frequency stability and phase noise of sources from the RF range to optic.

Finally, FEMTO-ST is a partner of the REFIMEVE project ( which aims to gather Time/Frequency French and European laboratories and then, ensure the signals transfer from the best atomic standards by optical fiber. The Time/Frequency department of FEMTO-ST is involved in the LNE-LTFB, renown as a secondary laboratory of the LNE. FEMTO-ST attaches importance to industrial transfer and valorization.


The 2 involved teams in SCPTime® are:

- Team Oscillator-Clock-Metrology and systems (OHMS), DPT. TF. Recent striking facts of this team are the development of a sapphire cryogenic oscillator delivered to the ESA and placed on a ground-station in Argentina for the monitoring of spatial probes, the contribution to the micro atomic clock project, and the development of highly stable lasers close to the international state-of-the-art.

- Group microsystems Opto-electro-mechanical (MOEMS), Dpt. MN2S. The MOEMS group focuses its work on the miniaturization of complex optical systems like optical microscopes, physical modules for micro atomic clocks. They also work on Silicon production technologies and the development of innovative micro optical components and micro actuators. (


Competencies of FEMTO-ST concern essentially the microcell technology, optic, the Time/Frequency metrology and the atomic physic.



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