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Eolas guides its customers in today’s digital world. Eolas replies to this digital requirement thanks to its web competencies. Web provider, designer and application developer, webmarketers, these different crafts have developed and grown, building strong expertise in the provision of online operating services. With its unique methodologies (BUILD and RUN), Eolas brings a strong value support.

Eolas was created in 1991 in Grenoble by Gérald Dulac and has offered its first web services in 1995. In 2015, Eolas had more than 4.500 clients, 144 employees and a turnover of 12 million €. Eolas has been part of the international Business & Decision group since 2001 in areas of consulting and system integration, leader of the business intelligence and of CRM, a major stakeholder of the E-business. (businessdecision.fr).

Eolas is also part of the Grenoble ecosystem and has a strong experience in shared R&D projects: research projects (8% of the turnover) led in association with universities and industries have brought the development of new innovative functionalities about open data, real time web, IoT, intuitive researches, automatic recommendations…

Eolas' expertise is used in the public and private sectors especially in distribution.

A responsible company, Eolas has created one of the first green data centers in Europe. Its conception and exploitation are the result of the work of world experts in cloud computing, energy management, automatism and cooling management. It has been chosen to host the exchange node of the internet traffic (GIX) GrenoblIX, which guarantees extremely low waiting times with connected operators. Moreover, it benefits from interconnections with other datacenters, helping Eolas to offer its customers a lasting and efficient PRA/PCA multi datacenter architecture that is coupled with an existing SLA.


Contribution of Eolas to SCPTime®

Eolas takes part in the SCPTime® consortium in three main areas:

- Design and operate the SCPTime® online web service. It aims at ensuring managed quality services to the future users of SCPTime®. Eolas developed the Subscription – Support –Reporting channel of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the time flow reporting. The system will be available for public and private uses.

- Bring a digital experience. Eolas shares its expertise in internet network infrastructures in e-business and in online user services. Eolas uses its most recent digital knowledge in developed programs in shared research (Energetic, CtrlGreen, Datalyse) oriented towards IoT, automatization of autonomous systems, real time big data, data visualization, open data and temporal joint data base.

- Test and develop the use of a sure time within datacenters. Eolas tests SCPTime® in its datacenters. There are several objectives: use and distribute a sure time and ensure high availability while creating a dating process for any use. The importance of this is key: to use a reference time in an information system and to have a dating service which allows the use of temporal joint tools.


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