4 June 2019 14:53:00
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The scientific School for Time/Frequency and Cybersecurity - SCPTime

The scientific School for Time/Frequency and Cybersecurity

The SCPTime Team presented SCPTime and the scientific School project to an official delegation notably composed of Mr. Portal – General Secretary of the prefecture, Mrs. Battistel – deputy for Isère, Mr. Pontier – President of Matheysine municipalities, Mr. Bonnier – Mayor of La Mure d’Isère, Mrs. Evette – Regional planning engineer.


Security and Traceability will be at the heart of the teaching that will aim students as well as technicians and engineers.

This certifying training will use new teaching methods such as the blended learning to teach skills directly linked to Time / Frequency and Cybersecurity professions.

Students and professionals attending this training will obtain a diploma from Grenoble Alpes University.

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