10 February 2022 10:30:00
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The DEFIS/2020/OP/0007 project is moving forward! - SCPTime

The DEFIS/2020/OP/0007 project is moving forward!

SCPTime welcomed the technical experts from the European Commission in the framework of the “Alternative Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Services DEFIS / 2020 / OP / 0007” project, aimed at quickly selecting and implementing one or more demonstrators to find an alternative or complementary solution to Galileo.

The tour began in Paris where the delegation visited the datacenters and the Paris Observatory hosting the SCPTime solution, and concluded in the company's premises in La Mure (Isère) with a series of tests. These demonstrations completed the transfer of Secure Time from the French legal source to the EC laboratory in Ispra (Italy), with a performance close to the nanosecond, in a Secure and Traced way over very long distances.

Thanks to the SCPTime teams for the conducting of these conclusive tests and thanks to the EC members for their collaboration and trust!


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