4 March 2021 10:30:00
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Meeting with EDF, a leading international energy supplier - SCPTime

Meeting with EDF, a leading international energy supplier



SCPTime, the subsidiary of GORGY TIMING, was the guest speaker of the EDF Hydro Engineering Centre as part of its Open Innovation programme, called “HyShare”.

During a videoconference with about forty EDF expert engineers, we were invited to present our innovative service which consists of broadcasting a Secure, Certified, Precise and Traceable legal time which is essential to ensure secure synchronization of all industrial processes and PLCs. SCPTime® is the first system responding to the challenges of cybersecurity of Time, providing the user with a Secure, Certified, Precise and above all Traceable time signal from its legal source to the end user.

The discussions with the participants enabled us to identify potential use cases for EDF’s dams and hydroelectric power plants.

This meeting was organized thanks to the program UneRivièreUnTerritoire, which supports economic vitality, employment, business and innovation.


Our special thanks go to Manuel LENAS, Claudette DA SILVA GLASS, Christine BONIER, Jean-Christophe RIGAUT and Eric CHAMPAIN for the commitment they have shown throughout the organization of the event.


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