26 September 2018 14:00:00
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Legal Time: Presentation of SCPTime certification referential - SCPTime

Legal Time: Presentation of SCPTime certification referential

The National Metrology Laboratory (LNE) brings together the members of the SCPTime® consortium and invites some interested parties to the official presentation of the certification referential frame. SCPTime® has developed solutions to deliver legal, secure, traceable and certified time.

The partners drafted various specifications which served as a basis for the creation of a voluntary certification referential frame that the National Metrology Laboratory (LNE) will shortly publish.

The certification referential frame must reflect the expectations of the interested parties: institutions, industries, clients or suppliers.

This day will also be the opportunity to collect feedbacks before publishing the certification referential frame.

The certification aspect of SCPTime® is crucial, as the LNE team explains.


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