7 December 2021 17:00:00
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HLF 2021 Start-up Show & Contest - SCPTime

HLF 2021 Start-up Show & Contest

SCPTime is the winner of the Innovation Ecosystem Award

Picture : ©GIANT Campus/HLF. Fltr : Sébastien TEOT, Nicolas GORGY, Maurice GORGY

SCPTime awarded Startup 2021 in the ECOSYSTEM INNOVATION category during the HLF High Level Forum Annual Summit organized by CEA/GIANT from 7 to 10 November 2021.

The international jury, composed of scientists and personalities recognized in the global innovation ecosystem, selected our company on various criteria especially related to our relationship with the Grenoble innovation ecosystem and its international network.

The High Level Forum (HLF) is the international network of innovation ecosystems managed by the Grenoble Innovation Campus GIANT (Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies) that brings together an international community of innovation leaders: key players and decision makers from public authorities, higher education, research, industry, and business.

The High Level Forum (HLF) is also an annual international event bringing together innovation ecosystems, which was launched in 2012 by the members of the GIANT campus with the aim to promote cross-sectoral relationships (public/private, start-up/large group, research/industry etc.) and discuss how innovation play its role in social, economic and environmental challenges.

The broad subject of the HLF 2021 summit was "Innovation ecosystems, key players in the reinventing industry to support a resilient Society".

Congratulations to the SCPTime team and thanks to the CEA/GIANT Teams for the event organization!


Replay of the SCPTime presentation video for the HLF 2021 Start-up Show & Contest.





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