14 February 2020 08:30:00
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Digital League: reliability of Time  - SCPTime

Digital League: reliability of Time

SCPTime participated in the Happy League event co-organized by Digital League and EPSI on February 11, 2020.

The regular meeting of Digital League members has brought together a wide audience wanting to solve specific issues related to the reliability of Time:

What are the uses of Time in a digital world?

  • May I always trust GPS?
  • Are time sources currently in use really reliable?
  • The diversity of the topics discussed contributed to the success of the event.

The participants expressed appreciation of the demonstration of GPS jamming and spoofing, as well as awareness about risks in time synchronization by GNSS.

This also offered us the opportunity to present ATTS Technical standards for the certification of architectures to deliver a traceable and secured legal Time, published by LNE (French National Laboratory for Metrology and Testing).

Our special thanks go to Emmanuelle HUGOT (Digital League) and Sandra LAFOY (EPSI) for the commitment they have shown throughout the organization of the conference.

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