The SCPTime® project has grouped the essential know-how to make it possible to develop the following technologies:

SPCTime, Micro atomic clock, Atomic industrial clock, SCPTview Nanosecond GNSS traceability, Security Triptych, High precision PTPv2 WR, Big Data, Secure NTPSCPT

The industrial quantum clocks

The industrial quantum clock Muclock has been developed as a substitute to replace the time-producing atomic fountains to provide a local production source within a frequency accuracy to a 10-14 second range that allows demanding users to work in a closed network in the long run or that allows countries to have their own, independent UTC time production device.

The atomic micro-clock

The cesium atomic micro-clock developed in SCPTime® is embedded in BiaTime® hardware and in the networked servers SCPTime® to operate in the high-performing Hold over mode and to contribute to an autonomous, continuous time monitoring.

The security triptych

This security triptych aims at controlling several synchronization input sources and ensuring the security of the transmitted time message. Contradictions are detected by the Arbitration or Triptych technologies during the comparison of external sources and internal references.


Based on the Common View principle to guarantee a UTC time synchronization, the SCPTview® technology makes it possible to compare deviations. It has been codeveloped by the Observatory of Besançon and Gorgy Timing for SCPTime® applications, so that the calibrating process can certify the compliance with the UTC time for SCPTime® applications.

The PTP protocol

The PTP time protocol is used for synchronization through networks for its high performance, both locally and at a city-wide scale. The used PTP is characterized to the highest levels by observatories’ atomic clocks or fountains.
A PTPWR version (PTP White Rabbit) developed at the CERN is also compatible with SCPTime®. It delivers higher performance for specific applications.


NTPSCPT is compatible with the NTP standard and has an additional security layer specifically developed for SCPTime®. The received time message is checked and is used only if validated.

Big Data

From time production to SCPTime® use, time data is escalated through SCPTrace®, the supervision flow. The data is fully stored and analyzed calling on technologies such as NOSQL and Datanalyzers SCPT.

These processes enable an afterward check of the operating state to ensure the logical and legal restoration of events dated according to SCPTime®, as well as the issuing of certificates of legal and professional compliance.

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